How to Write a Thank You Message

Showing your gratitude in writing is easy
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Never underestimate the power of a heartfelt thank you message. Expressing your gratitude to a person in a personalized way is a surefire action to make his or her day. When people realize they’re not taken for granted, it really changes their world.


5 Tips on How to Write a Thank You Message

#1. Address properly

Open the message with “Dear …”. It’s a standard way to address people whether you have a close relationship with them or not.


Use the proper salutation for the recipient. If the recipient is a female and you’re not sure if you should use Mrs. or Ms., go with Ms. just to be safe.


#2. Say thank you

It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? Still, you must put those two words upfront in your message. Some short phrases you can use are:

* Thanks for helping me.

* I am much obliged.

* Thanks for everything.

* I wish to express my gratitude.

* I greatly appreciate what you did for me.


#3. Be specific

The person you say thanks to may not even realize what a big deal it was. He may not even remember it. Be specific and remind him what was it that drives you to write this thank you card. How did the act of selflessness influence your life?


When you get specific, it lets the other party know that their action was not left unnoticed. It truly shows how appreciative you are about what they did.


#4. Keep it short

It doesn’t have to be one-paragraph short, but if you can keep it brief, there’s no reason to write a whole essay on it.


#5. Reiterate your thanks

This is your chance to say thank you one more time before you close your message with regards. Word it differently than you did on the opening message.


“Why should I say it twice?”


It’s just like when thanking someone in person. Do you not repeat your appreciation before you say goodbye? Saying it twice shows that you really mean it.


That’s it for our simple tips on how to write a thank you message. But before we part, let us warn you about one thing: If you are writing a thank you email to a business colleague or someone you respect highly, be sure to check for any misspellings.


Proofread your email at least twice before you send it. Better yet, run the email content through the nifty spelling checker. Let it help you avoid the awkwardness of sending misspelled email messages.