Business Texting Etiquettes

There's a rule to everything and that includes business texting
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For many people texting has been a quick and simple way to communicate with others. Such sentiment extends to the business world too. Setting up meetings and appointments are just too easy when you use text messages.

6 Business Texting Etiquettes

If your line of work involves plenty of texting, you should seriously understand the basics of business texting etiquette. Anyone can text, but in business, you need to make sure that it stays professional at all times.

#1. Text on business hours only

Messaging people about work while they’re home enjoying quality time with their families is not nice. People hate that. Keep work-related communication on business hours to avoid irritating your clients and colleagues.

#2. Keep it short

A text message is not for a lengthy conversation or explanation. Leave that for emails and calls. Text people to arrange such calls or to remind them to read the email you’ve sent.

If your message contains four sentences or more, be sure to break them into two paragraphs to make easier to scan.

#3. Be specific

Since you don’t have the luxury of a lengthy conversation, you need to squeeze in all the important bits in the short message. Avoid ambiguous words and sentences so you won’t need to keep going back and forth explaining things.

#4. Be professional through and through

Emojis and slangs have no place in business communication. Save them for when you communicate with your close friends and families.

Being professional also means being courteous regardless of how the other party responds. This is especially important when you’re handling customer complaints. Unhappy people can be rude sometimes. When that happens, it’s up to you to keep things civil and professional.

#5. Sign off properly

You’re not chatting with your crush here where you two keep telling the other party to hang up first. After telling your thanks and regards, let it end there. That’s the proper way to end a business text.

#6. Don’t call when you already text

People hate being interrupted especially when the interruption is for something they’ve been previously told about. For instance, if your client has already replied to your text about the place and time for the next meeting, don’t follow it with a call later on. That’s irritating.

Pick one over the other. If you think the client is someone who rarely read text messages, just call.

That’s all for our short tips on business texting etiquettes. Using those simple tips, you can ensure your next business texting exchanges will turn out more professional.

By the way, be sure to double check your text before you send them. Let no misspellings slip and ruin the message. Why not try to type your message on the online spelling and grammar checker first just in case?

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