How to Improve Your Business Writing – 5 Useful Tips

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Good business communication is an important skill to master if you want to go far in the business world. To help you get better in this trade, we have compiled four tips on how to improve your business writing. They are simple yet useful.


1. Know Exactly What Your Goal Is

Only knowing the rough idea of the goal is not enough. You need a laser-focused goal to produce excellent business writing otherwise your writing will be all over the place.


Everyone’s busy. They don’t have the time to weed out tons of fillers to get to the point nor they have the time.


2. Don’t Go With The First Draft

Writing a draft for all business communication is a good habit you need to grow. However, you must resist the temptation to use that first draft. Keep polishing the draft until you can’t polish it no more. Make changes not for the sake of changes but to improve what you already have. When you feel satisfied with it, then you can use it.


3. Watch Your Spelling and Grammar

Paying close attention to your spelling and grammar pays off. It always does. The readers and receivers of the message will see you as someone professional and worthy of their attention. After all, sloppy grammar may come across as not caring about the receivers opinion. If you don’t value theirs, why should they value yours?


Take advantage of the online spelling checker tools. It will help you catch the misspellings that your eyes missed.


4. Keep It Simple

In the business world, there’s a huge misconception that simple means dumb. Please don’t fall for it.


Keeping thing simple let your readers focus on what matters. When you add to much jargons and fluff, people may focus on those. You’ll lose your chance to get your point across when people have their attention drawn away for your message.


If people mock you for writing like an eighth grader, so be it. Business writing isn’t about winning literary awards. It’s all about getting business done in an efficient manner.


5. Practice All The Way

Polishing your business writing takes time and lots of practice. There’s no other way around it. If you feel it’s necessary, get some books that discusses business writing in depth. You may also want to consider enrolling in training and courses. Yes, they all costs money, but think of them as investments that will benefit you both in the short and long run. Business writing skill is valued highly in corporate world and it is worth its weight in gold.