Types of Business Writing

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The world of business cannot be separated from documents… lots and lots of documents. Although the variation is numerous, one can differentiate the many types of business writing into four major categories: instructional, informal, persuasive, and transactional writing.


Instructional Business Writing

This type of writing provides the readers with steps to do a certain task. Instructional business writing comes in the form of a memo, technical specification, or user manual.


When writing this type of writing, one must consider the level of user knowledge to provide an effective communication. Overestimating the level of user’s familiarity with the topic may lead to bad user experience and a very unhappy customer.


Another thing to consider is the tone. A memo, for example, tends to be informal yet must remain professional. It’s a little tricky at times to get that one right.


Persuasive Business Writing

Press releases, sales email, and proposals fall into this category. The writer must craft the information to persuade the readers into following with the desired action such as subscribing or buying the good or service offered.


This type of writing is not strictly the domain of marketers. In any position, the ability to persuade the readers is a valued business skill.


For this type of writing, focus more on your customer. “You” comes first before “I” or “We.” When you write with your readers’ interests and preferences in mind, you’ll get your message across easier.


Transactional Business Writing

Writings that support the general operations of the business are considered transactional.


Most day-to-day business writing falls into this category, from emails between employees to forms, invoices and inventory trackers.


Interviews, invitation, and speeches also fall into this category. Yes, this type covers a really broad range of writing. It is therefore essential to keep in mind the intended audience and the purpose of your writing.


Informational Business Writing

The main goal of this writing is to present or store information. This may come in the form of handbooks, meeting agendas, reports, statements, and minutes. For reference purposes, the writing must include the necessary detail so businesses can act upon it with great accuracy and consistency.


OK, those are the four types of business writing. One last thing to keep in mind: if you want your business partners to take you seriously, you need to weed out any grammatical error. Go and check your business writing on the online spelling checker tool. When you’re eyes are tired, it’s easy to slip one or more mistakes. Let the tool help you out and take some of the burdens off your shoulders.