How To Make A Visually-Appealing Copy

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People like pretty-looking things. It’s no different when we’re talking about copywriting. You either make it look good to the eyes and retain readership or suffer the consequences. But, how do you make a visually-appealing copy?


It turns out the recipe is pretty straightforward. Let’s discuss them one by one.


Use Images

Your copy must include at least one image for every 500 words. This number is not set in stone and you can vary the number of images in your copy to your liking. However, you must ensure that you have enough images to break that wall of text.Please note that when we say images, we also mean graphs and infographics.


Graphs are handy when you need to communicate complex data containing lots of information without making too much clutter. Readers can spot patterns more easily when you use graphs to explain your data instead of using words. As far as aligning goes, you can go wild with it. Alternating between left, right, and center image alignment can make your content look less repetitive.


“What about infographics?”


Infographics are the perfect choice when you need to tell a story of events over time, break down technical stuff, describe the flow of a process, or map your data to specific geological locations.


We should warn you that making a good infographic can be time-consuming and an art in itself. You may want to hire a pro for this one so you can focus on the content part, like ensuring that your copy is free from spelling mistakes.


Use Videos

Just like images, videos are also great to break a wall of text. If you’re a blogger, adding videos to your posts is also a nice method to keep your visitors on your blog for a longer period.


You can almost always find a video relevant to your topic on Youtube. In 99% cases, you can just embed the related video instead of making one from scratch.


Before you embed a video, always make sure you actually watch it in its entirety. That way you can be sure the video is, in fact, relevant and complement your content. The video should also have a good thumbs up vs. thumbs down ratio.


Use Tables

Are you reviewing multiple products, apps, concepts, or anything at all? A table is a useful visual aid to explain their similarities and differences. A table is also a great way to simplify lists. When you fill the table with text, keep them brief to ensure they’re still visually more pleasing to the eyes.


Play around with the cell colors to make them blend better with the rest of the content. You may also make them stand out to make it a kind of stopper for scanners who dislike reading long texts.


Vary Your Paragraph Length

We’re focusing back on the text part now. Should you feel that using images, videos, or tables in your writing is not required, you can still make your copy more visually-appealing by varying the length of the paragraph.


You are also free to vary the number of sentences in each paragraph. Not every paragraph should be five sentences long like your teacher in fifth grade told you to.


If you ever feel like writing a one-liner, go for it!

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