Why It’s Important To Expand Your Vocabulary

Why It's Important To Expand Your Vocabulary
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People often judge others by their outward appearances. In the same way, people also judge you by how you speak and express yourself. This is why it is so important to expand your vocabulary. The English language is full of grammar rules and words which are often confusing to many of us. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary contains an astounding 171,476 words that are currently being used. In addition, there are also 47,176 words which are considered obsolete. If that wasn’t enough, 9500 derivative words can be included as sub-entries as well. While it may impossible for most of us to remember every single one of these words, it is important to learn as many as we can. The reasons why it’s important to expand your vocabulary are many to ignore. Moreover, the benefits which come from expanding your knowledge of the English language can end up enhancing your life.


Communicate Better


Whether it is writing or speaking, the different ways you can say the same things can depend on how many words you know. Often times, you may be searching for a word to help you explain exactly how you are feeling. However, the words you know or don’t, can greatly impact how you say it. One of the great things about learning new words is that it helps you communicate better. If you are a writer, then there are only so many ways you can say the same things over and over again. This is especially true if your vocabulary is limited. The same goes for when you are speaking or during a speech. But, if you have a wider knowledge of the English language, that all changes. In many instances, we often see people who resort to cursing or using foul language to express their emotions. It is said that those people who continue to use the same profanity laced verbal attacks, is widely due to their lack of vocabulary knowledge. Still, this doesn’t mean that you have to learn complicated, confusing or arcane words. In the end, using words that your audience doesn’t understand will only end up defeating the purpose. The ultimate point of expanding your vocabulary is being able to choose the right words. And to be able to say them with greater precision and clearness.


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Opens Up Opportunities


It’s no secret that people who are capable of expressing themselves more intelligently end up getting farther in life. This is even more evident in workplaces where communication is key. A person in an office environment who can speak and write better than others, will more likely get a promotion faster. The level of their knowledge of communication, can also determine how much more money they will earn. Of course we all know that the higher your education is, increases your chances for a better job. The same goes for how well you can communicate, write and speak. In many instances, applicants have been passed over or ignored by potential employers due to their lack of speech or writing. Committing grammatical errors on an application can spell doom for most people searching for a job. No employer wants to hire someone who cannot spell correctly or communicate properly. After all, you will be representing their company and brand. Research has shown that the level of your vocabulary often predicts the success or failure you will have in your field. The higher your vocabulary is, the more likely you will achieve occupational success.


New Words Open Your Mind


Imagine if you could, living in a world where the language spoken only contained about 50 words or less. That may seem great as far as not having too much to remember; especially for those going to school. However, the boundaries created by the lack of vocabulary available to communicate will be very limited. People will have a real hard time being able to express themselves each time. That’s why expanding what you know can end up opening so many doors for you. Whether it is on words you know or information in general. The more you know, the farther you will get. Each time we limit ourselves to only a few words, we end up diminishing our abilities in several ways. For one, it limits our lines of reasoning. Secondly, it shuts down our capabilities to new insights.


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There are numerous ways to say “I have no problems expressing myself.”. However, the amount of approaches and strategies you use to say it, will ultimately depend on the size of your vocabulary.