How and Where to Find Inspirations to Write

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Waiting for inspiration to find you is rarely the smartest move a writer can make. You need to get out there and get them yourself.


But how? And where?

How and Where to Find Inspiration

Although your experience may vary, these simple tips have been proven by many writers to get them out of writer’s block.


Go out and watch everyone

Just sit on a café, park, or any public places, and just watch. What do you think they’re doing right now? Where are they going? What makes them do what they’re doing? What are they feeling? There are over 7 billion actors in this world playing billions of different acts. You’re going to run out of inspiration anytime soon when you just sit and watch.


Play video games

There many games around with excellent storyline. Final Fantasy IX, Persona 5, and God of War are some of them. The great thing is you don’t read the stories but dive into them instead. When you’re immersed in a game, you can’t help having ideas flow into your mind.


Listen to music

Open up yourself to listen to not just the music and songs you like. It’s hard to find inspiration when you’re cooped up in your little box. Listen to the songs that you hate for a change. Be an active listener and try to see it from a different point of view.


Hop in and drive

You get inspired by anything you find on the road. Think it might be too distracting? Ride a bus and take the window seat. Preferably, take a route you’re not accustomed to. When you just drive by the same old route, you already know what to expect and there’s nothing new to spark  inspiration.


Go on your dream vacation

How long have you been holding off that dream vacation of yours? No time to lose here. Just get on that dream vacation and take a breather.


Something to remember is that you are not going to find inspiration. Get rid of that mindset. It will just bog you down. Just have fun and experience everything.


Ask questions

This is probably one of the most laser-focused ways of finding inspiration. You just need to ask. Let’s say you need to write a blog post about the educational system and have no clue which issue to focus on. Just go to your favorite forum, social media, or website and ask around. You could ask, “What is the biggest complaint about our education system according to you?” Let the answers pour in and you just sieve them to get what you need.


“Why don’t I just Google it?”


Of course, there’s that approach too. However, by asking real human beings, you can initiate further discussions about the topic you’re interested in. People will start adding their views and personal experiences. This can open even more doors to ideas that you may not even realize exists.

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  1. Go and join a sporting event especially an under age group like under 12 rugby game. You’ll definitely find not only how entertaining the young players but also their grand parents.