15 Crazy And Weird Words In The English Dictionary

15 Crazy And Weird Words In The English Dictionary
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The English language is the third most popular and used in the world. It is also one of the most spoken languages as well. At the same time, unlike many other languages, it is not as difficult to learn. Still, it does contain countless words a lot of people consider strange or wacky. Below, are 15 crazy and weird words in the English dictionary you may have heard or wondered about.

While you may look at some of them and think that you won’t ever really use them, there are others that you could use. Also, there are many factors to consider about these words. For one, learning and knowing about these weird and crazy words will help expand your vocabulary. In addition, knowing them will give you the option to use them one day – or all the time – when you want to have fun with English. The more you know about the English language, the more confident you will become. Lastly, words can be fun and actually lead to you enjoying studying and learning. All the while, without feeling as though you are really studying.


Albertopolis –

While this is not a word which you may hear a lot in the USA, it still is a real one. Albertopolis refers to a group of museums named after Prince Albert in South Kensington, London. It also refers to other cultural institutions in that area.


Agastopia –

This is one word you would never really think of associating it with it’s meaning. Agastopia is not found in certain dictionaries though because it is not that widely used. Believe it or not, agastopia  actually means to love a part of your own body or someone else’s.


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Bandoline –

Although bandoline has to do with hair preparation, it is probably a word you won’t hear your hairdresser or barber using any time soon. Still, bandoline is a mixture created from quince seeds. It is then used to gloss, smooth or wave the hair.


Bumbo –

Here’s one you may have some fun with at the next party. Bumbo refers to an alcoholic drink. A bumbo is usually made with gin or rum, water and sugar. In some cases, spices such as nutmeg, are also added to give it some flavor.


Cacophony –

Next time you hear someone making some really annoying noises or sounds, you can say they are doing cacophonies (plural). Cacophony is a mixture of a bunch of irritating sounds. This can be sounds such as squealing, screechy or disturbing screams. Next time you hear something like that, you are hearing a cacophony.


Camisado –

Sorry, camisado is not a Spanish word deriving from the similar sounding and spelled Latin word for shirt. Camisado actually refers to an attack carried out by the military during the night.


Curmudgeon –

Do you have a grumpy or bad-tempered friend? Do you know someone who is difficult, mean or surly? Then chances are you know a curmudgeon person. That’s what you would call someone who acts that way; a curmudgeon.


Hullabaloo –

Here’s a really cool sounding word you may want to use soon; hullabaloo. Interestingly enough, the meaning is unlike what it sounds or the way it’s spelled. A hullabaloo refers to a disturbance, uproar or a loud noise. This is often what you have when 2 people are arguing out loud with one another. Do yourself a favor and avoid hullabaloos at all cost.


Jumentous –

Here is another word which means something very differently from what it looks or sound like. Jumentous refers to something that has a strong animal odor. The smell is used when it resembles horse’s urine or an animal of that sort.


Kerfuffle –

The word kerfuffle has been gaining some traction recently. A few more people are using it now in various Television programs and other media outlets. Kerfuffle refers to a commotion, squabble or disagreement; most often between two people who contradict each other. So remember to be nice and avoid having a kerfuffle with someone.


Lollygag –

If you have a friend or you know someone who loves to spend their time doing nothing, then they are a lollygag. Those that lollygag spend their time doing nothing, are lazy and just dawdle as much as possible. Telling someone to ‘stop lollygagging’ sounds awesome, don’t you think?


Mollitious –

Okay so this word mollitious is something you can use to refer to someone who is very sensual. Most define it as something or someone being luxurious or sensuous. At the same time, it refers to one who is self-indulgent.


Tittynope –

For those that don’t eat all of their food and leave some, that’s known as a tittynope. Tittynope refers to small quantities of food left over on a plate. It can also refer to the dregs left over at the bottom of a cup. Next time you’re at a restaurant, you can tell your waiter you will take your tittynope on your plate with you.


Winklepicker –

No, winklepicker does not refer to anyone who picks winkles (whatever that is). A winklepicker refers to boot or shoe style from the 1950’s. The shoes or boots have a long and sharp pointed toe. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get kicked by a person wearing a winklepicker.


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Zopissa –

Sorry, the word zopissa does not refer to any pizza related dish. In reality, zopissa pertains to a medicine mixture. This medicinal concoction is made from pitch tar scraped from the sides of ships and wax believe it or not. Zopissa mi is impregnated with salt water as part of the mixture.