SEO Tips for Online Writing in 2020

Have you noticed that 2020 is just two months away? With the new year coming, writers who focus on writing articles optimized for ranking may face new challenges as well as challengers. With so many people competing to be on the first page of Google, you need to up your game if you want to have the edge.


So, what should you do to stay on the cutting edge? Read on to find out.

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SEO Writing for 2020

#1. Never skip keyword research

If you write for the sake of writing, you’re going to have an awful time. Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO article, and you must always do it properly before writing. Proper keyword research ensures that you only write about topics that real people are looking for.

#2. Focus on the readers

If you go back to ten or even twenty years ago, you could find many SEO experts telling you to focus on your readers. It’s hardly a surprise if the experts are still singing the same tune when it comes to writing online for 2020.


Indeed, in the future, only reader-focused content will thrive while the ones written solely to make quick bucks will end up in the wasteland that is the second page of Google.

#3. Write engaging content

When someone clicks on a link on the Google search result page only to go back seconds later, Google will deem the clicked page unworthy of its position. The short engagement time serves as proof that the content did not appeal to the readers.


How do you prevent that? By making sure the reader is hooked right from the start. Put the most important information at the top to grab the readers’ attention and get them interested in your content. Talk about something relatable to incite the reader’s desire then close the article with a call to action.

#4. Make your content easy to read

By using headings, short paragraphs, bullet points, pictures, graphics, videos, and proper CSS styling, you can make your content easy to read and appealing to the reader’s eyes. As a result, the readers will be more inclined to finish reading the article instead of quickly hitting the back button to check what’s next on the search result.

#5. Establish your E-A-T

If you haven’t thought about cementing your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, you better start packing since your content won’t go anywhere.


To show your expertise, you need to dig deeper than the competitor. Show the readers that you know more than the superficial features. Make sure your writing is also free from silly grammar mistakes and typos. Experts don’t make such mistakes.


Improving your authoritativeness is about being acknowledged in the industry. The more websites linking to your content, the more authority you gain.


Lastly, you’re considered as trustworthy when you’re unbiased regardless of what you’re writing. If you’re being sponsored, say it so. If you make money from the affiliate links, mention it in the footer for everyone to see. Just be an honest person and trustworthiness will come your way.

#6. Update your old content

You’ve worked hard writing all those content and they were doing so well, so why letting them gather dust? Update your content by adding new information that’s relevant to the current market.


Many SEO experts advise updating old content every six months. Of course, this only applies to pages that aged quickly. If you have evergreen content, you may not need to revisit and update them as frequently as that.


Optimizing your content for Google is fine and all, but your customer must be your top priority. You can’t go wrong by pleasing the customers. Even when the search engines dislike you, engaged customers will still be loyal to you and your content.