How To Write During The Summer Break

Image by FromSandToGlass
Image by FromSandToGlass

You could be a college student away on a break at the end of the semester, or you could be a teacher enjoying his or her time off work and thinking hard on how to keep it just as productive. Maybe it is time you work on that book or small piece that you have on your list for quite some time now. Here are some of the things that can help you go through with it.


Begin With Setting Goals

Set real goals. You are out of your daily normal routine so it will be difficult for you to achieve the same amount of work. You are probably squeezing the creative writing in between other activities like meeting friends, going out etc. Sometimes you will have several hours for writing and sometimes you will be left with 15 minutes, so make sure that you set a goal of however many words that you know you will able to complete in that time slot. If you don’t, then you might not be able to get anything done at all.


Wake Up Early

Vacation is a time when none of us set the alarm. But those morning hours are precious to you if you want to write something creative. Think about it, you have no distractions and you are not even interfering with any of the activities that you planned with your friends.


If working in the mornings is not your thing, why don’t you disappear for a while in the afternoons? Maybe there is a coffee shop nearby. You can close the door to the room or go the old fashioned way and find a closet to hide in, write and hope inspiration hits you from those coat hangers.


If you are with a big group for the entire day, nobody will even notice that you went missing for a while.


Stay Up Late

Inspiration comes in many forms. If you are a ‘nocturnal writer’ or just use that term to describe your amazing procrastination skills, then make sure that you snuggle in your bed/ sleeping bag/ couch with your laptop so that you can type out a mere fifty words or so. Many a times, writing when you are supposed to be sleeping unleashes the best work ever written.


At the end of it all, make sure that you check all of your work for spelling and grammar errors, and ruthlessly edit it.