Top Tips On Speed Reading

Image by Jeff Golden
Image by Jeff Golden

Everyone seems to be doing it, and it works too. You could be a college student or have a desk job; speed reading has some great advantages that will help everyone out. Here is how you can do it.


Read At the Beginning of The Day

A lot of people can improve on their concentration by reading things that are important to them early in the day. It is the time when your focus and attention is host to fewer distractions and any other thoughts since you just woke up and started out.


Reading Can Be Prioritized

Here is a neat trick, make three stacks of reading material, name these: important, not so important, and least important. After this, you can read the material in the order of importance. You will greatly improve in your reading speed through this. What you read first is the information you absorb in when your head is clear and fresh.


Skim Material for Ideas

Speed reads for main ideas works a lot like non-fiction stuff works with how to books and educational texts. You can scan the table of contents with the first and last sentences of each of the paragraphs and you will see how much more efficient your reading has become. It helps if you understand the book structure first. This way you will know what parts you must skim through and what parts you need to read a little more carefully.


Make A Question

You can improve greatly on your reading speed, comprehension, etc., by mentally changing the subheadings and heading of the text into questions. The next step is to simply scan the text for answers. Everything that is irrelevant to the core of the message and information, you will simply leave all that out.


Get Yourself In The Right Environment To Read

You can always use a bookstand to prop your book while you read. If you angle it at 45 degrees, you will easily be able to reduce eye strain and increase your reading speed. You should always avoid reading important and difficult material while in bed where your body and mind are trying to relax. You will feel more alert if you sit at a desk instead of lying down.


Highlighters Don’t Help

People believe that highlighters help you read and understand the core message. That is not true; what it really means is that you do not feel like reading all that at the moment and you would rather just read it later. What happens is that you end up reading that exact same text twice and you still probably do not understand it that well.


Always Preview Text Before Reading

You need to look through the material at hand to check what you find to be interesting or simply important to you, and everything that you want to skip. The table of contents is an excellent place to start. Simply focus reading the sections you do not understand and lightly skim through everything else in the book.