Writing a blog may seem like something everyone can easily do, but that is usually not the case. As with everything else, it is also necessary to invest a little bit more effort into mastering blog writing!
Today you are in luck because, in this article, you can find out just the right formula for writing great blogs.

In the following article, find out – what is essay and what are the best instructions for writing one. If you want to know how to write an essay, and where to start, this practical tutorial will help you out. So, keep on reading!

What is stream of consciousness writing? How to implement it in your own writing? What are the characteristics of the novel written with this technique? This article will give you the answers to all of these questions!

If you imagine a character, you also imagine their eye color. You can use this in your writing to define your character – or lead your readers astray. We give an overview of what different eye colors mean, and how you can express them in different terms.


Connect with nature, learn more things, and become part of your natural surroundings. This article will tell you how to approach one of the core routines of wilderness training: journaling.

So, you’re having a presentation next week, huh? What’s that? You’re still stuck on the first slide? That’s no good, champ! Perhaps you should follow the following tips so your idea-sharing endeavor will have a higher chance of success.