Writing is Fun – If You Make It So

Image By: https://unsplash.com/@gaellemarcel

Writing is a chore. Ask any school kids how they like writing and that’s the answer you’ll get. Unfortunately, for some people, the stigma sticks to adulthood. It’s dumbfounding to find adults who still think that writing is a chore or even a punishment.


You know what? It doesn’t have to be that way. Writing can be fun if you make it so.

Writing for Fun

What makes writing fun? The answer differs from one writer to the other. However, you can easily deduct that in order to keep writing fun you just need to take the not-so-fun stuff out of it.

# Don’t strive for originality

There are 7+ billion human beings on this planet. Even if you’re one in a million, there are over 7 thousand people who think like you. Trying to be 100% original is quite hard if not impossible.


Now, instead of wasting your time aiming the impossible just let yourself be the channel of various creative ideas. Mix and match topics to your liking, add your own spin but take it easy when it’s not as original as you think.

# Write about something you care about

The problem with writing assignments in school is that the teachers often ask students to write about the things students couldn’t care less about. And it shows. Teachers eventually just gloss over their students’ writing because each is as boring as the previous ones.


Keep things going by writing about things you do care about. When you’re naturally curious and excited about a topic, new questions pop up all the time. Time to play as a detective to uncover the truth about whatever it is you’re writing about.

# Forget about writing well

Trying to adhere to every single writing style and grammar rule as you write is taxing. It’s like driving on the highway and keep being pulled over every half a mile. It drives you nuts.


Of course, if you plan to publish your writing, you still need proofread your writing. For the time being, just keep the grammar police locked in a glass prison deep down in the dungeon of your consciousness. Call him up only when you’re done writing.

# Go out and observe

Being cooped in your room is bad for you. Yes, some writers prefer to sit still when they write but that’s not meant for everyone.


Go out, take a walk, and observe the world around you. There are fun and interesting things going on right now in your neighborhood. You can’t catch them while sitting behind a desk. Open all your senses and notice all the little things. You’ll rack up ideas in no time flat.

# Read! A lot

Every day, find and read a short story or poem. Enthusiasm is contagious. By reading the works of others, you’re letting their interests, curiosities, and experiences flow to you.


Writing is fun. At least it supposed to be once you take the stressful points out. Whether you’re writing as a hobby or have a publication in mind, it’s alright to be not perfect.


And like everything else in the world, the novelty of writing will decrease over time. However, when you eventually find writing not as fun as it used to, you can follow the tips above to keep the fire burning.