How to Write a Complaint Letter

Are you frustrated with that pair of shoes you just bought online a couple of days ago? Or did you didn’t get the service you usually get from the hotel you frequent? Well, it’s time to send a complaint letter to the business that ruins your day.


Actually, before you send that complaint, it’s best if you talk it out with the customer service to deal with the problem. If that doesn’t work, then go ahead, fire up your laptop, and write that complaint letter. Don’t worry. We’re here to guide you on how how to complain and get results.

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How to Write a Letter of Complaint

#1. State your purpose

Right from the get-go, tell them exactly why do you write the complaint and what do you want. Do you want a refund, apology, or the exact item you’ve ordered? Please be reasonable with your demands. If, for example, a hotel security was being rude to you, don’ ask the management to fire him immediately.


#2. Give all the details

If your complaint is about a product you’ve just bought, list the product’s make, model, serial number, size, color, and practically every detail relevant about the purchase. If it’s about a service, state the time, place, and details of the person in question.


#3. Include copies of all relevant documents

You still got the receipts and/or the warranty card, right? Send the copy along with the letter to make it easier for the business to trace the issue.


#4. Tell them what you’ve done.

No, we’re not telling you to confess about the bad things you did last summer. We meant all the steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue like calling the customer service and such. If you don’t say it up front, they’ll just try to route you back to the customer service and waste your time.


#5. Be polite

There’s no need to be rude. The one reading your complaint didn’t have anything to do with the bad service or product you received. Being rude or even making threats can get you in trouble with the law. And the business will already have written proof at hand. Keep in mind that you’re writing the letter to get your issues resolved and not to add new ones.


#6. Include your contact information

A swift resolution requires the other party to be able to contact you. Tell them if they should call, email, or send a letter by owl. If you prefer them to call you at specific times, tell them that too.


#7. Read it aloud

Before you print and send your letter, keep in mind to read it aloud to catch any mistakes such as typos or bad grammar. To make it easier for you, just copy and paste your letter to the online spelling and grammar checker. The tool will highlight all the mistakes found in your letter so you can fix them quickly and easily.


#8. Send it by certified mail

Some businesses will do whatever it takes to avoid giving any compensation to customers. If you send the complaint by regular mail, they’ll just deny they ever received your letter. Certified mail requires the receiver’s signature so you have written proof that the business did receive the mail and who received it.