50 Synonyms For “Talking” For Your Writing

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It would be boring for your readers if you use the same word over and over to describe something. This is where a Thesaurus can come in handy. Instead of using the same expression in each and every one of your sentence, mix it up with words that mean the same but in different nuances.


Before, we have already listed 61 expressions with which you can replace the generic notion of “walking”: Synonyms for “to walk”

The all describe the same action, however can have a slightly different meaning or mood to them. When writing a story and describing a characters action, make sure to choose the word that describes it best instead of letting them talk to each other all the time.



Lets have a look at several synonyms for “talking“.


Synonyms for “talking”

  1. argue: to provide arguments for one’s point, to disagree in a more or less agressive way
  2. articulate: to speak very clearly, to explain a matter
  3. ask: to pose a question or request information
  4. babble: to utter incoherent words, to talk a lot and fast
  5. banter: to engage in a playful argument
  6. berate: to talk down to someone in a scolding manner
  7. breathe: to talk very softly and silently
  8. chat: to engage in an informal conversation
  9. chatter: to talk quick and extensive, to talk in a way that’s hard to understand
  10. confer: to discuss with someone
  11. consult: to ask someone for advise
  12. converse: to hold a conversation with someone
  13. cry: to shout or scream, to utter inarticulate sounds (like animals)
  14. debate: to participate in a debate or argument, to think to oneself (out loud)
  15. disclose: to openly state or reveal something verbally
  16. discuss: to engage in a debate or discussion
  17. echo: to repeat someone’s words, opinion, idea, etc.
  18. enunciate: to clearly pronounce something
  19. express: to make something clear verbally
  20. gossip: to talk about someone; mostly negative
  21. holler: to shout or yell to get someone’s attention
  22. imply: to hint at or suggest something by not clearly stating it
  23. lecture: to try and explain a matter to someone in a bit of a condescending way, to give a speech
  24. mouth: to express oneself verbally, to form words with the mouth without audibly producing them
  25. mumble: to talk vaguely and almost inaudible
  26. mutter: to utter words in a low voice
  27. negotiate: to try to find a solution for a problem by talking
  28. orate: to give a formal speech, to talk passionately about something
  29. preach: to give a sermon to a bigger group, to teach or give advice
  30. proclaim: to announce or declare something
  31. rant: to talk emotionally, to criticize and complain about something
  32. remark: to make a comment about something
  33. repeat: to say something again
  34. say: to pronounce or tell something
  35. scold: to criticize someone
  36. shout: to call out very loudly in triumph, pain, to call attention, etc.
  37. shriek: to utter shrill, loud noises
  38. snarl: to speak in a low, gnarly tone; mostly rude and aggressive
  39. spit (out): to utter something in despite
  40. spout: to talk slowly and tediously, to talk pompously with big words
  41. state: to make something known, to declare a fact
  42. stutter: to not speak fluently
  43. tell: to say something to someone, to narrate a story, etc.
  44. utter: to express oneself verbally; to make any kind of noise with one’s mouth and vocal cord
  45. verbalize: to use words to express or explain something
  46. vocalize: to use one’s voice to produce sound
  47. whine: to complain and protest in a wimpy voice
  48. whisper: to speak in a very low tone
  49. yap: to talk excessively; like a small dog
  50. yell: to make a loud sound, to argue loudly