Breaking Out of Writer’s Block

Writer's Block
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Writer’s block can hit at the worst moments and it can hit anyone from the amateur all the way to the genuine professional writers. If you’re hit by one right now, don’t worry. Here are some easy ways to overcome writer’s block.


No more zero days

For some writers, the block can last days and weeks when not a single word is a written or added. Break the void and commit to no more zero days. Even if it’s only a burst of two minutes rushed writing, do it! If you are pressed on time, make it “No more zero hours”. In an hour span, make sure you write something, anything!


Hang out with other writers

Got acquaintances that happen to be writers too? Ask if they want to hang around a bit and grab lunch or dinner. When creative minds gather, ideas just love to stop by and say hi. The famous Pixar lunch of 1994 should teach you one or two. On the fabled lunch, four of Pixar’s big guns were wondering what would Pixar do next after Toy Story. As a result, they came up with characters and outlines for four box offices successes: “A Bug’s Life”, “Monsters, Inc.”, “Finding Nemo”, and “WALL-E”.


Watch a movie or read a book

Staying cooped up in your mind won’t get you anywhere when you’re having a writer’s block. Grab a new book or go out to see a movie. Other people’s creative work can have an amazing effect you.


While you’re at it, try to analyze the elements of the book or movie. How the plot is flowing, the characters’ development, plus the twists and turns that the story takes.


Get some sleep

When was the last time you had a good eight hours of sleep? It’s possible that you’re mistaking your writer’s block with fatigue. Stop walking back and forth trying to come up with an idea and head straight to bed. If you’re pressed with a deadline, squeeze in a half an hour of power nap every now and then. When your brain has been working 110% for days and on, some good rest will do wonders for your brain’s sharpness and creativity.


Save perfection for later

When you keep worrying whether there’s an obvious plot hole in your story or if the sentences don’t flow as fluid as you wish, you’re an easy target for a writer’s block. Do yourself a favor and let imperfection be a part of the process. A blacksmith doesn’t mix forging and polishing a blade. He completes the forging, grinding, and heat treatment first. Then, and only then, he starts polishing the blade.


If you’ve got the building block sorted out, just move on. Polish your writing after you get a good rest or get someone else with a fresh pair of eyes to do it for you. In case you still worry about bad spelling and grammar here and there just use an online spell check to pluck them out.


Use the 3…2…1… WRITE! trick

Open up a new blank document on your favorite word editor or grab a pen and paper. Count 3…2…1… and write whatever it is on your mind. Write how you feel right now or what you really want to do. All things considered, the best medicine for writer’s block is, well, to start writing.



Okay, that is all for now. We hope these simple tips can help you with that writer’s block and get you start writing again.