All About Interjections With Examples List

All About Interjections With Examples List
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If you ever wondered what an interjection is or if you are looking for an interjection examples list, then check out this all about interjections guide. Interjections are widely used in the English dictionary; especially these days where so many people are using social media and the internet. But what exactly are interjections and how are they used? An interjection is an abrupt remark, either written or spoken that shows feelings or emotions from the person. An interjection can also be considered an interruption or an exclamation. To make their point, most interjections are followed by either an exclamation point of punctuation mark. In many cases, they can be used to show a command or protest.


Interjections And Comprehension


One of the things about interjections when they are used alone, is that they can be linguistically incomprehensible. While the reader or listener will understand the tone, they may not comprehend the matter being discussed if looking at it alone. A prime example is the following sentence:


Attaboy! That’s the way.


Reading or hearing this interjection – attaboy – on it’s own, is not enough to let us know what is going on. However, it can give us a clue that the person did something correctly or that someone approves of what they did.


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Emoticons & Expressions


When it comes to writing, authors use interjections as way to show their emotions. In many cases, the author had to go through great lengths to convey that message. These days though, things have changed quite dramatically. With so many people now using social media, smartphones, computers and other gadgets, that is no longer the case. Emoticons and expressions have become the new form of interjections.


A person who wants to convey a message to another about how excited, upset or angry they feel, no longer needs to use an interjection. One can use a -), đŸ™‚ or even a smiley face ☺ instead. A simple emoticon can sometimes convey the same message to others in the way interjections did before. Still, for those that do have the option of using emoticons, or do not want to use them, writing is the only other option. The same for those that have to speak their interjections using actual words.


Here are some examples of some interjections in a sentence –


Ah, that was awesome!
Bam!. I finally nail it.
Good grief, please shut up!
Holy cow, did you see that?
Uh-oh, there goes the neighborhood.
Whoa! You better slow down.
Yikes, she was amazing.


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Below, are several of some of the most common interjections listed in alphabetical order.


A – Ahh, ahoy, aha, ahem, alas, arrggh, aw
B – Blah, brrr, bingo, bravo, bam, bazinga, bleh, boo, boo-yah, bah hambug
C – Cheers, congrats, catching, cripes, crud
D – Damn, darn, darnit, dang, drat, duh, dear,
E – Eureka, eek, eh, er, encore, eww
F – Fie, fiddlesticks
G – Gak, gee, gee whiz, geez, gadzooks, golly, good grief, goodness, goodness gracious, gosh, gesundheit
H – Hey, hmm, hooray, huh, hello, ha, ha-ha, holy cow, hallelujah, holy smokes, humph, hurray, hot dog, huh?
K – Ka-ching,
O – oh, oh oh, oh dear, oh my, oh my God, oh well, ouch, ow, oww, oops, oy, ooh-la-la,
P – Phooey, presto, please, pshaw, pow, phew, pooh
R – Rats,
S – shoo, shh, shoop-shoop,
T – Tut-tut, thanks,
U – Uh-huh, uh-oh, ugh, um, umm
V – Viva, voila
W – Whammo, wham, whew, whoa, wow, whoops,
Y – Yay, yeah, yikes, yippee, yes, yuck, yum, yo, yahoo, yummy
Z – Zap

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